Opal Frost Mustang Registry (OFMR)

"Opal Frost" is a very rare color for Mustangs, offered only during the 1994-1996 model years on SN-95 Mustangs. "Opal Frost" SN-95 Mustangs can be identified by color code "WJ".

Production Numbers:

1994 — 4,048
1995 — 5,881
1996 — 4,392

Total production: 14,321 vehicles

If you own of these rare Opal Frost Mustangs — and want to register, and be included here — then please send an e-mail to info@stangbangers.com with the following:

- Your Name
- Your City, State
- Model Year (1994, 1995, 1996)
- Model Type (V6, GT, GTS)
- Body Style (coupe, convertible)
- picture(s) of your Stang (jpg format)