Opal Frost Mustang Registry (OFMR) # 00001

Opal Frost Mustang Registry (OFMR) # 00001

Opal Frost Mustang Registry (OFMR) Member # 00001

Stang Stats:

- 1995 Ford Mustang GT coupe

- Last year of the "5.0" (302) pushrod engine

- Pro-5.0 shifter (short, positive throws; never miss third gear again)

- Ford Motorsport clutch

- Aluminum driveshaft (balanced, plus lighter than OEM driveshaft)

- Flowmaster mufflers (significantly louder than stock)

- 3.73 rear end gears (can pass another car on highway without downshifting; 2,500RPM @ 80MPH in 5th gear)

- MAC underdrive pulleys (lights dim slightly while idling, but car jumps off the line much quicker)

- Bumped timing (free horsepower)

- C&L 76mm MAF System (w/K&N air filter)

- Adjustable fuel pressure regulator

- "Chip tune"

- Tinted windows (comes in handy on a hot summer day, when the black leather seats can get hot enough to scorch your ass)

- Leather shift knob & boot (feels and looks much better than the cheapo stock stuff)

- Kenwood in-dash CD Player w/Mach 460 adapter

- FatKnob™ shifter ball (2.25" in diameter, great feel) - courtesy of FatKnobs.com

- Clear Cobra-style headlights with black housing (enhance the look of the car while improving nighttime visibility significantly) - courtesy of MustangTuning.com

- Mustang chin spoiler - courtesy of MustangTuning.com

- Clear driving/fog lights

- Super-sized deep dish Bullitt wheel and tire package. The package consists of fat 17” x 9” wheels for the front covered in beefy 275/40-17 tires, and massive 17” x 10.5” wheels for the rear shod with borderline-obnoxious 315/35-17’s. Tires are Sumitomo HTRZ. - courtesy of LMR.com

- Bullitt Brake Package (front and rear brakes). The package consists of beefier red-powdercoated brake calipers (with the white running horses on the front), as found on the 2001 Bullitt, bigger rotors, and all hardware and hoses. Mustang Magic, located in Deer Park, Long Island, NY, handled the install, which they did in approx 2.5 hours. No fuss, no muss. The parts bolted right on, and the kit looks great. - courtesy of AmericanMuscle.com

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