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The Moment My Blood Turned Ford Blue

I will never forget “the moment”. It was 1986, and my buddy had just bought a shiny new black Mustang GT 5-speed. I was riding shotgun, the wind blowing through my hair through the t-tops, a 200-HP 5.0-liter V-8 propelling us down the road faster than all but the most expensive exotics, 285-lb.ft. of torque pushing me back in my seat, and a big smile on my face. It was the moment my blood turned Ford blue. Years later, when I finally landed my first “real” job, I was able to buy my first Mustang. It was a used 1990 Mustang GT, but it was new to me, and we shared some good times. It was not easy to let her go, but when the SN-95 body style came out, I had to have one. My 1995 Mustang GT is a beauty, still turning heads with her rare hue of “opal frost” paint.

Whatever the adventure, the keys I always grab first are the ones with the running horse keychain. A turn of the key, and the rumble of a throaty dual exhaust, lets you know that even driving to the local grocery store to buy a gallon of milk will be a fun ride. Life is a series of these moments strung together. Like the dotted lines on the highway, they will start to blur if you go too fast. Enjoy the journey. Enjoy the ride...


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